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January 21, 1923 - "I often wonder how they distinguished a Gentleman in the old days when there was no Golf." - Will Rogers

January 21, 1923 - "I tell you wars will never be a Success until you do have a Referee, and until they announce before they start just what it's for." - Will Rogers

January 7, 1923 - "Well, I will just tell you how bad this marrying into Royalty has fallen off lately: some of our girls have just reconciled themselves to marrying Americans." - Will Rogers

January 6, 1924 - "The only way to solve the traffic problems of this country is to pass a law that only paid - for cars are allowed to use the highways. That would make traffic so scarce we could use our Boulevards for children's play grounds." - Will Rogers

January 6, 1924 - "[A] comedian has a wonderful opportunity if appointed to one of the high presidential appointments. Comedians always have held those positions and there is no reason why I can't go in and do as bad as some of the rest." - Will Rogers

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