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One of my favorite trivial history things is telling Australians why central CA has eucalyptus all over. The three important factors:

1) The British were bad at trees.
2) CA Gold Rush era grifts have long consequences.
3) Dust Bowl avoidance techniques.

In absolute contradiction to this, I feel like Calendly (when sent by either side) is 1000% better than any other way humankind has discovered to schedule normal meetings. And, it turns out, if none of their time slots work, you can ask for another time the old fashioned way!

sam lessin@lessin

‘Calendly’ Etiquette is The Most Raw / Naked Display of Social Capital Dynamics in Business.

I'm really excited about launching Nhost v2 🔥 🥳 🎉

Nhost is my dream backend with fantastic tech (PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Open Source) and with a DX inspired by @Netlify and @vercel.

And now with v2, we're ready for the world!

Details: 👈

The survey ends in a few days. If you're a "JavaScript" developer please fill it out. It's _really_ helps drive innovation in the areas that suck.

Super proud to have @redwoodjs featured🌲!

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