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WOW: Words of Wisdom. 1: “Don’t teach pigs to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” 2: “If you argue with an idiot there are two idiots.” 3: “Wisdom is scarce. Stupidity is infinite.” This is not the time to be arguing with pigs. Be wise. Buy gold, silver & Bitcoin.

UK’s Boris Johnson cancels masks and mandatory vaccine cards. Another leader with guts. Let’s go Brandon. I am not against vaccines. I am against mandates. Leave our freedoms alone.

All Hail the POPE. In his annual address he broke with tradition speaking in English condemning CANCEL CULTURE. The Pope has more guts and brains than Biden.

POPE FRANCIS for President.

Gov Youngkin of Virginia outlaws CRT Critical Race Theory in schools. God bless him. I am 4th gen 100%, Japanese-American. Family landed in USA in 1880s. America is not a racist nation. The NY Times 1619 Project, Socialist media, and Teachers who teach CRT are. God bless America.

Great News. NASDAQ plunging 2%. Gold down 0.2%. Bitcoin down 1.4%. Silver up .01%. S&P down 1.6%. Markets crashing. Fed not printing fake money. Great news. Market crashes best time to get richer. Go shopping when Walmart & financial markets go on sale.

This is freedom in South Carolina not fascism in Southern California. Second Amendment Freedom in South Carolina.

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