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Biden&Kamala worst leaders in US history. Inflation rises after Keystone pipeline cut, Leaves Afghanistan forcing Saudi Arabia & Russia to join, again oil prices rise. Opens border, drugs & crime to pour in. WHY LISTEN to State of Union . Watch what Biden DOES, not his lies

REPEATING from previous tweets I state: I was TOP SECRET OFFICER in MARINE Corps. As a S-2 officer I ask: WHY did Biden wait so long to shoot down Chinese spy balloon? What if BALLOON was a rocket? Why wait 7-days till balloon over ocean? Isn’t spy equipment more important dry?

YAY. Biden grew some testicles and had the Chinese balloon shot down. Then he ordered the FBI take over. Will the FBI do the same thing they did to his son Hunter Biden’s computer? Lose it? Does FBI stand for FOR BIDEN INFO only?

China floats spy balloon over US and we don’t shoot it down. China buys thousands of acres of farmland next to our air bases. China sends thousands of students to our schools. China uses Tik Toc to hypnotize and gather data. Why? Isn’t it time we fight back?

Been saying buy silver for years. Silver best because silver worse commodity for 50 years. Gold/silver ratio usually 1 to 15. That means 1 oz gold buys 15 oz silver. Jan 2023 1 oz gold buys 80 oz silver. Cheap.Almost 1:100 Silver going up. EVs, Solar, Greenies luv silver.FOMO.

Q: Why are gold, silver, Bitcoin going higher? A: Because US poor and middle class getting poorer & deeper in bad debt. Please don’t get poorer. At least buy one silver coin. Only $30 and start to get richer.

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