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Representative @RoKhanna has written an insightful and optimistic book, Dignity in the Digital Age, about the role tech can and should play in America's economic and civic future. My thoughts on it here:

Visionary AI expert @mustafasuleymn and I share the belief that a philosophical, humanistic perspective must drive AI development. That's why I'm thrilled the @DeepMind co-founder and former VP of AI at @Google is joining @Greylockvc as a Venture Partner.

I believe you should always be recruiting. The more your business scales, the more tempting it will be to delegate this task to others. Resist that urge!

Nearly 2/3 of American workers don't have 4-year college degrees.

This excludes them from millions of jobs that lead to upward mobility, even when they have the skills to do those jobs.

And it leaves millions of jobs unfilled.

How do we change this?

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