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My new puppy is a Metadoodle. Half Virtual Shepherd, half Poodle, with a patch of fur around his eyes specifically designed to hold a VR headset. Breeder only takes Dogecoin.

“The basic fabric of the world is up for grabs... this is the changiest the world has ever been.” - @plibin

Great read from @eringriffith and @nytimes

Have been listening to “I’d do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” on a tight loop ever since I heard that Meat Loaf died and I can’t stop thinking that he’s talking about eliminating the filibuster.

Observing a moment of loudness for Meat Loaf this morning. I was first introduced to his music while learning English as an eight-year-old in 1980 and became quite seriously confused. Still love every word. Thanks for the brain-expansion. RIP.

Good profile of my friend and former partner @htaneja! A solid chunk of how I view the world has come from working with Hemant.

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