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How to eliminate half of the meetings in your company in three easy steps:

1. Sort your meetings into the type where everyone talks vs. the type where most people just listen.

2. Cancel all the latter. Videos are better for this.

3. Only took two steps. You get this step back!

@diginomica @mmhmmapp @plibin lots of zinger quotes in this piece. Liked this one also: "We're not asking people to be in the office. We don't care when you work. We don't even necessarily care how you work ... We're not measuring inputs, we're trying to measure your impact over the course of months."

"How can you possibly say, you have to come back to the office, because otherwise I can't trust the worker? That doesn't make any sense!" - We spoke to @mmhmmapp CEO @plibin on how a high-trust model works for them & if it can work for other companies.

In a new series for @TheInformation Weekend, we asked tech founders about the random gadgets, fidgets and whatzits they keep on their desks. @plibin shared his broken and reassembled Star Wars mug...

The latest chapter of #FrictionlessEnterprise charts the evolution of digital #UX

Thanks for inspiration to @plibin @gasser @ricknucci @jpatel41 & @gordonritter

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