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Tech companies must keep shipping cool new things or die. Not because customers require it, but because the best employees do. If your best programmers stop being able to ship new things, they'll leave to work somewhere they can.

It's exciting that there's now a Fusion Industry Association. It's when you start to see mundane crap like industry associations that you know an industry really exists.

I was surprised to learn that the "obvious" trick of computing (a/b)/(c/d) by computing (a/b)(d/c) wasn't discovered, or at least published, till 1544.

head practice. you might have problems drawing an ear from imagination when you've drawn it from reference a 100 times. But would you still have problems if you drew it a 1000 times?


Most people you meet will be less confident than they seem. So if you give people more encouragement than you'd expect them to need, you'll be about right.

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