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Everyone talking about the future of search, but I'm particularly excited about the future of the browser — Edge will now include an AI assistant that can help you anywhere on the web.

Really starting to point at the future of UI:

Greg Brockman @gdb

Copilot for the web:

One of the differences between the AI boom and previous tech booms is that AI is technically more difficult. That combined with VC funds' shift toward earlier stage investing with less analysis will mean that, for a while, money will be thrown at any AI startup.

"Our Digital History Is at Risk" by me in Time Magazine

Free societies need access to history, unaltered by changing corporate or political interests.

This is the role that libraries have played and need to keep playing.

Imagine if your life expectancy increased by decades within your own lifespan. That’s the story for cystic fibrosis right now. My view into this fascinating moment in time for CF.

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