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Yes, we all love Ken Jennings, and he would make a great Jeopardy! host. But before that's official, couldn't we please have just one week of Dolly Parton as a guest host? I mean, who wouldn't watch? Could be some of the best television EVER.

Lessons Learned: If no offense is intended, never take offense. And if offense IS intended, never, never take offense. This drives would-be offenders nuts, which is always nice.

So it looks like the most common small-talk line among people who live in NYC is, "What you looking forward to most after the #pandemic is over?" Well, I know my own answer: fries. As in hot and crispy. Not the kind that are DOA.

At my fave BBQ place:
Server: Ooh, I love your eyebrows. Do u thread?
Me: No, I just pencil them on. This is the eyebrow of the day.
Server: I think I overthreaded. See? (Points to a spot.)
Me: Oh, no u didn't! Your eyebrows are nice & full. Perfect for u!
Husband: Can we order?

I see our dear Governor Cuomo is offering 2 help states with high infection rates, now that our own state has gone from being an epicenter of disease to a model of containment. This sounds perilously like gloating! Let's hope they don't become famous last words, sir! #coronavirus

U.S. officials made a huge mistake when they discouraged wearing masks at the outset. Yes, save the N95's 4 health care workers, but officials promoted the fiction that masks work only to prevent spreading virus. If that were so, why do health care workers need them? #coronavirus

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