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I’m starting 2023 hosting a gathering “When SPACE, PURPOSE & CULTURE Collide” #NexusNairobi in #Kenya - the cradle of humankind - 31 Jan thru 4 Feb.  Join in-person & virtually.                  
Register now -  #interstellar #100YearStarship #Space

"Surprised today to get this forwarded to me. Yet curiously, this is a time I needed it." #100YSS #NexusNairobi2023 #Interstellar #DailyInspiration

Help me welcome Dr Jessica Watkins and her fellow crew members - Hines, Lindgren & Cristoferetti- back to Earth today after 170 days on the International Space Station. Your work strengthens our future. Jessica, so proud of you @astro_watkins @NASAhistory

Hundreds of generations ago when our ancestors looked up & noted the star-studded sky- space exploration started. Reflecting on this anniversary of my spaceflight I'm ever more committed to ensure space is recognized as & remains the birthright of us all.

To be effective for all of us, healthcare needs the full representation of all people in communities across the nation - as individuals, patients, researchers, healthcare providers & policymakers. You can sign up at: @AllofUsResearch #JoinAllofUs #NIH #Ad

Congratulations to US! #JudgeKetanjiBrownJackson. #SupremeCourt. Magical moment, but not due to magic, rather KBJ’s talent, expertise, integrity, patience, poise, intelligence, unwavering fortitude. And President Biden’s commitment.

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