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The big winners are those who keep turning the #flywheel to a billion turns, not those who abandon a great flywheel too soon.

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The #flywheel is the principle right at the inflection point when companies make the leap from good to great.

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The #flywheel principle is not just a business concept; it is a principle for creating sustained momentum in any human enterprise.

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Companies that apply the #flywheel make a conceptual shift from “running a business” to turning a flywheel. And over time, they extend that flywheel by firing bullets, then cannonballs.

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For a truly great company, the Big Thing is never any specific line of business or product or idea or invention. The Big Thing is your underlying #flywheel architecture, properly conceived.

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A #flywheel must have an underlying, inexorable logic of cause and effect– A drives B, B drives C, C drives D, and so on—generating momentum almost like a chain reaction.

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