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@nityeshaga @heyhey @dhh @jasonfried I'm feeling the same since the Day 1.
@heyhey gives me the feeling of control of my Inbox and premium approach. I enjoy writing e-mails with the editor.

Recently purchased a @heyhey email! 😍

It’s the same feeling i had when I bought my first mac:

I was paying a premium but on the first day itself, i knew that it was a great investment in my productivity.

Excited to finally buy a product from @dhh and @jasonfried! ❤️

Here's a great interview with Carlos Segura, one of my early business partners at 37signals. Carlos has always been a fearless original, someone who knows who he is — and owns it. A true innovator in the type and design world. Worth a listen:

Creativity requires optimism. Some stream of conciousness thoughts -->

Applications are open for Cohort 3 of my cohort-based course, starting Feb 7!

50 spots, apply by Jan 30.

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