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Today's my last day of work for a while. I'm headed out on sabbatical. Aside from a short trip to New Zealand and Australia, nothing's planned beyond basic family obligations. Eager to have open space, and an open mind. Cya back here in March.

Always a blast to talk with @HarryStebbings on his 20VC podcast. We just caught up for another wide-ranging episode about leadership, teams, running to/from things, no goals, office politics, and a bunch more. Fun one for sure.

Here's the episode:

Really loved chatting with @theChrisDo about figuring it out as you go, the power of independence, working remotely, and doing things no one would ever give you permission to do.

Episode here:

PODCAST: Customer success and the role of community – Interview with Elaine Richards of 37signals, makes of @basecamp and Hey

Check it out. It's a doozy to finish the year on 🙂

Hat tip to @jasonfried and @dhh

Starting off the new year by shipping three new often-requested Basecamp features: To-do Templates, Group Autocomplete, and Required 2FA.

Full details here:

All live in your Basecamp 4 account today. Also available to all new customers who sign up now.

if you’re a founder looking for strong signal in all the noise, ⁦@reworkpodcast⁩ is it.

we’ve successfully put many principles @dhh⁩ ⁦@jasonfried⁩ talk about to work.

principles *known* deep down, but in need of affirmation.

I’m grateful!

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