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In an exclusive interview w/@CNN, #AshkanMorovati explained the backstory to the viral video where he is seen encircled by nearly a dozen security forces “I went there to tell them to stand by the people and make compromises with people," he told @JomanaCNN

My message to Iran’s regime who hired 3 criminals to kill me on US soil is clear; I don't want to talk to them. I want to see them on the international court. But I have a clear message to president Biden”.
Please hear and pass it to the administration.

You’re not required to buy it. The truth is the truth whether you buy it or not. The planet is round even if you don’t buy that and insist it’s flat.

'Sturgeon’s opponents are wholly entitled to scream “We told you so”. Because they did and then they were treated as though they must be bigots. And so, here we are. What a disgrace it all is.' ✍️@alexmassie

For the crime of dancing, these two young Iranians have been sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison.
#AstiyazhHaghighi 21 & #AmirMohammadAhmadi,
22 danced in the streets in support of #WomanLifeFreedom revolution in Iran.
They don’t deserve such brutality.

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