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Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child are two of the nicest people around. I meant to put this out on publication day, but go get it now. It’s wonderful. The Cabinet of Dr. Leng! @GrandCentralPub;art624,647

Look at @ChrisEliopoulos , here with Charles Schulz’s wife, in the office where Peanuts was drawn. If you know Chris, you know the influence #CharlieBrown has had on his life. He is 3 secs away from passing out & I love seeing him live his lifelong dream. Thank you @SchulzMuseum.

@silviamg @sandy_jarrell @zackwagman @maxinescharles_ @jgetzler @JonathanECobb @HGLiterary @lenabitts @Flatironbooks And that @bradmeltzer guy had some nice things to say about it, too. 😊😊😊

Ooooh and @bep are making some beauty with 3 is the Magic Number. And that’s with all love to the classic @WeAreDeLaSoul version. #SchoolhouseRock50Singalong

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