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On this date 25 yrs ago, I started @HonestTea. With the support of my wife, @indigobunting62, and my HT co-founder, @BarryNalebuff, we aspired to create a powerful brand to move people toward healthier diets that are planet-friendly and mindful about their sourcing practices. 1/6

🧵Has it only been 8 weeks since ChatGPT entered our lives? 🤯 From the second we saw it, we knew its potential to transform every industry was astronomical – including, you got it, customer service. We got to work straight away. 👷

We’re nearly at 1k followers, Twitter! Can you help us get there? For those who don’t know, we’re an app that helps disabled people find accessible places to socialise. Oh and host community days with disabled people, mapping accessibility of venues around the UK! 📍 🙌🏼

The names you know. The history you don’t. History of the World Part II, a four night event, streaming March 6 on @hulu! #HistoryOfTheWorldPart2

The most memorable features we built at Twitter came from observation. We saw people trying to retweet, use hashtags, and at-reply so we built those features. It's obvious that for many years people have been writing on Medium and then tweeting a link to them.

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